Wildlife on Crete


The area just south of Villa Talea is one of the most mountainous areas of Crete. The hard to reach highest mountain tops are ideal habitats for raptors and alpine species. But also the Kourtaliotis Ravine and the mountains south of Preveli are good places to see some of the more than 400 bird species that live in Crete or come to visit as migratory birds.

Also the terrace at Villa Talea is an excellent place to observe birds. Sparrows and song birds flock in the garden, others fly in flocks over the canyon below the house. And hovering high above the valley are eagles and buzzards.

We can not describe them all, but if you click here: List of birds you can see a list of more than 300 of the bird species that are either permanent residents or migratory birds in Crete.

The common buzzard (Buteo buteo) can be seen daily at Villa Talea
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