The Cretan Flora

Reeds, Grasses, Ferns

This section describes some of the plants in Crete, which in botanical taxonomy are classified as 'angiosperms' and 'monocots'. It may, for example. be grasses or sedges, lilies, rushes and various orchids.

Also some of the ferns that grow on Crete are described. Ferns in botany has its own class because they, unlike other plants, reproduce by spores instead of seeds. It is perennial herbs with large, lance-shaped leaves. At the leaf edges or undersides the spore casings are placed.

Some of the most spectacular of these plants are the Cretan orchids. In Crete there are between 65 and 70 different species of orchids. In many places they grow very close with more than 100 plants per. square meter.

Photo of a Bougainvillea with mountains behind. It is native to South America but found all over the Mediterranean today.
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