1100 BCE-146 BCE/69BCE

Ancient Greece

The period of Ancient Greece is introduced by the so-called Greek Dark Ages. This period is followed by the Archaic, Classic and Hellenistic Periods. Usually historians set the Hellenistic Period to end in 146 BCE with the annexation of the Greek peninsula and islands by Rome. But since Crete was not incorporated into the Roman Empire until 68 BCE we have indicated this also as a separating date.

The Dark Ages (1100 BCE - 800BCE)
The Archaic Period (800 BCE - 490BCE)
The Classic Period (490 BCE - 323 BCE)
The Hellenistic Period (323 BCE – 146 BCE / 68 BCE)

Life on Crete in the period


Sights from the period in modern Crete

Gortyn (Gortys, Gortyna, Γόρτυν) archaeological site. The most significant city on Crete during the Hellenistic era.

The Agora (marketplace) at Hagia Triada (Crete). Mycenaean era (1400-1100 BCE)
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