The Rule of the Ottoman Empire


The Ottomans were the last in the series of foreign powers, who for more than 2.000 years had reigned over Crete. They conquered Crete from the Venetians in 1669 and ruled the island until 1898, when Crete after a long series of uprisings was given status of an autonomous state for a short period until Crete in 1913 formally became part of Greece.

Life on Crete in the period


Sights from the period in modern Crete

Turkish tombstones piled up near the old Venetian city walls in Heraklion. (Creative commons: bazylek100, www.flickr.com).

The Küçük Hasan Pasha Mosque or Yalı Mosque (Now an exhibition hall) at the harbour front of Chania, Crete.
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